Sweet Micky Should be the Right choice 4 Haiti!!!!!

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It is time that Haitian polics move away from senior citizens and start electing young minds with new ideas.

Electing Mirelande Manigat president will create another political crisis or political vacuum in Haiti very soon, and I guarantee it. Grandma is 70 years old people, hello!! think about it. Don't vote Mirelande Manigat as president of Haiti just because she has a Ph.D and has attended Sorbone University.

Uptil this very minute, I still don't know what she stands for. I still don't know about her government program, economic program, or her blue point plan for Haiti.

She seems to be running solely on her Ph.D degree and on ex-first lady status.

Manigat was at the presidency before and did not do a thing for Haiti.

Haitians need to stop recycling politicians to be their next leaders especially if they never done anything for the country when they were in power before.

I'm sure Mirelande Manigat is a wonderful person, a very good person, a fine scholar, etc. etc...

but I still don't think she would be a good choice for Haiti right now. And frankly inspite her intellectual brain capacity, I am questioning her decision making capability, the qickness/speed of her decision making process.

Does anyone wonder about the posibility that she might be experiencing some mental deterioration right now like: alzheimer's, dementia, etc...

that we don't know about?

Think about Haiti's long-term future people and not about a person and certainly not because you admire those who are intellectual as reason to vote for a candidate.

The lady is too damn old to be president which make the variables not in the best interest of Haiti's future right now.

Tiba, February 4 2011, 6:22 AM

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Linda, 5-Feb-11 6:35 pm


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