Haitians in THe Dominican Republic

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On traite les Haitien comme des chiens en Republique Dominicaine et les instances concernes ne disent rien...C'est la raison pour laquelle les Haitiens ne sont pas respectes comme des etres humains partout ou ils vont. Meme les stations de Radio inclus la Radio Caraibes ne fait pas la une de ce sujet.

On peut avoir un massacre tout presque'au paravant ce 27 Fevrier qui sera le jour de l'independance de la Republique Dominicaine.

Il faut etre pro-active, allons-y tout le monde appelle la Radio pour en discuter...

The Haitian Government has no respect for their own people.

No protection...No form of contingency plans to rescue their own people.

They rely heavily on International help to resolve their own internal affairs.

There are so many Haitians crossing the border over to the Dominican Republic to seek somewhat of a better life but only to face fierce discrimination and rejection.

I am Haitian, but as harsh as it may seem, I don't blame the Dominicans for expelling and deporting us back to our country.

The Dominicans have helped a great deal during the earthquake, and it is time now for the Haitian Government to do something for their people.

That is by creating jobs and creating special incentives to get those citizens who have left after the earthquake back into their country.

The Haitian Government should use some of the massive money received from the International community to open up some factories to give these people something to do inside their own country in order for them to earn a living and at the same time gaining confidence into themselves and eventually be proud of who they are and the history they represent as a nation.

Crossing over the border over to the Dominican Republic and giving up their own homeland as a lifeless piece of land is not the solution.

The same piece of earth that is in the Dominican Republic is the same earth that is in Haiti.

The Dominicans made it work for them; the Haitian should make it work for them too. Thousands of Haitian mothers and fathers are sending their children into the Dominican Republic to attend the Universities.

The fact is, you cannot learn in a discriminatory environment.

The Dominicans are not that smarter than Haitians, but at least they make it work for them. They open their country for investments, which create jobs and infrastructures.

The Haitians can do the same, but they are so caught up in being proud of their ancestral history that in the end they end up doing nothing.

Things they do well are fierce debates, on air arguments, tire burnings, fighting amongst politicians.

Their radio stations play music all day as if their country is not in any urgent state.

The politicians are not addressing or making it a priority to handle the dire situations.

They are so many Haitians Radio stations in Haiti, such as Radio Carraibes, Radio Metropole, Radio Soleil, Radio National ect..

yet none of them take on the subject of "Deportation of Haitians from the Dominican Republic" seriously.

No Politicians make any attempts to address the Haitian congress (if there is one..) to address this serious issue and seek out remedies for it. Frankly I don't think the authorities of this country understand the notion of being a nation.

They all care for their own family and that is it! Most Haitian politicians send their own children to the United-States, Canada, Europe or to the Dominican Republic with a visa for their education.

Because they know their country has nothing to offer.

These politicians are also part of the problem; the Haitian government should block their visas and prevent their children also from traveling abroad, that way they will be forced to work hard, fix their country and not to rely on others.

The whole country's budget is based on International Help. The plan for the Haitian mass people is to get as much visas as possible to travel to the Dominican Republic and send their kids to school there...

The Haitian mothers and fathers should stop bringing their children into the Dominican Republic in hopes of a better education.

Those young children are too much exposed to discrimination by the Dominicans.

Haiti has a good education system too, instead of giving up on their own country by going to the Dominican Republic, they should stay in their country and press their Haitian government to help them and create a working and stable environment for them. If you want to have a future in your country, that is where to start.

Crumbling another country by giving up on your own and bring all of your burden along with you to them is not the solution.

Haiti has received so much money after the earthquake and will continue to receive so much more, some of that money should be put also toward taking back those poor people living in the bateys and in the poor streets of Santiago and elsewhere in the Dominican Republic and bring them home by creating jobs for them. Haiti used to have a sugar cane industry named (HASCO), which used to provided thousands of jobs to local Haitians, but this whole industry was dismantled with collaboration of corrupted politicians like (Lesly Delatour).

Those large scale industries that can create jobs in the country should be restored.

It is so amazing that they are so many bright and intelligent Haitian people all over the world, yet their country still remains one the worst country in the western Hemisphere.

The problem is All young men and young women in Haiti has one thing in their mind, leave their country to go the United States or other country abroad.

After the earthquake, many of them simply go the Dominican Republic because it is so close and because their border is so porous.

If this trend continues, the country sooner or later will have no one inside of it capable of forming a decent government (if they are not already there at this point).

The Dominicans should continue taking aggressive actions to send those Haitians back to their homeland, because sooner or later it will be too late and there will be massive bloodshed on the streets where Dominicans with machetes and guns will be going around their country on a killing spree expelling Haitians from various barrios from their homeland as history dictate us. The Haitian Government should take their responsibility.

It is always better to teach someone how to set a net to catch fish then to simply provide them fish.

Haitians should leave the Dominican Republic before the Dominicans' independence Day, which I believe is on February 27, because there may be many attacks on Haitians from Dominicans who believe that their country would have been farther ahead had they not been occupied by Haitians...

Moderateur, February 4 2011, 4:07 PM

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