With Creole As Official Teaching Language: Illiteracy Rate Will Be Zero

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There will be no more uneducated Haitians with Creole as an official teaching language in Haiti and the Creation of a Foreign Language Department within all Haitian schools whether private or public.

Haitians will be free at last after 206 years of their liberation.

The minority of French speakers will end their discrimination against the majority of 85% of non-French speakers.

In France, they argue that only 3% of Haitians are able to speak French fluently and only 5% of the 15% are able to write legibly and correctly too which means the other 10% speak French Creole (a spoken French slang).

All French citizens recognize that 95% of Haitians reject French as their official teaching language and now they are asking the French government not to finance any educational French project in Haiti that will be aimed to failure.

Haitians are not lost French citizens in Haiti and that is why they reject French as their official teaching language and what about Duvalier among us?

In the next coming days, if he is not able to speak Creole with the Haitian people we will ask him to learn Creole more or to return to France if he feels belong there.

If he feels Haitian like any other Haitian he should start addressing the majority in Creole.

If not, we will protest against him and he has to flee the country again.

The second exile will be worst and he needs to think about it. I want all Haitians to elect Martelly for he is able to talk to us in Creole.

Micky is our candidate and we should vote for him to end illiteracy in Haiti.

Micky pa gen foli pale franse e li se pa yon sitwayen franse ki egare nan peyi dayiti tankou Jean-Claude Duvalier...Nou menm nan diaspora nou di Micky pa gen refom san lang Kreyol kom sel lang ofisyel pou anseyman an Ayiti...

Toulimen, February 5 2011, 3:09 PM

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