Toulimen, I really don't quite understand your advocacy of...

Tiba - February 5 2011, 5:12 PM


I really don't quite understand your advocacy of Creole in Haiti classrooms when Creole has been taught in Haiti schools for the past decades or so up to Baccalaureate (Retho) degree.

The school debate in Haiti should not be about what language to use or adopt in the classrooms but rather Haitians should keep using/adopting/practicing/operating under the French education system in Haiti or should Haitians create/develop an entirely new school system that is Haitian's.

If Haitians still want to honor the French heritage/roots then it makes all the sense to keep the French school system in place in Haiti but if Haitians want to break away completely and totally from France then it would be to the benefit of Haitians children and to the new generation of Haitian children to create or develop an entirely different school system that reflects only Haiti, period.

And here's my 2 cents in this endless and nonsense French language debate.

I say "who cares about the French Language?" I really don't. For all I care, I would prefer to use the French Language only to wripe my butt with it. The French language is not even worth the paper it's written on.

Give it a rest people! There are much better and more important issues to talk about.

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