the forgotten black bourgeoisie

Baron Samedi - February 5 2011, 5:22 PM

Mr. rooster, I don't think you understand too much about Haitian history and culture and I would suggest you keep your mouth shut on that subject.

First of all I was answering this "congo" guy was making references to French as it is a sole proprietary ownership in Haiti.

My aims meant to tell him he should not forget all of us as Black Haitians who earned the rights to be the Black Bourgeoisie.

We were there since or even before the War of Independence of Haiti.

For some reason, Haitians and non-Haitians alike love to ignore us. Mulatoes and Whites were NOT the only landowners during and right after our independence...Both Whites and Blacks tried to ignore us. Let people like Jean Price Mars tell you about the Black Bourgeoisie...Besides our good fortunes from the beginning, Duvalier, Francois gave us a leg up to even more reinforce our fortunes and so we did.
There was always a Black bourgeoisie dated even before les pompons noirs et les pompons rouges in Haiti.

The "Noirist" always existed in Haiti.

Mr. rooster, Why am I not surprised that you always equate wealth with color?

To you, having wealth is being "White" and those poor suckers on this site who cannot understand that you are making fun of them and you sure are enjoying the duplicity...Mr. raymond edward olander...this is not a good idea. I would like to discuss it further with you on Rue Enterrement, Port-au-Prince, Haiti at the Cemetery...I will bring my brother, Mr. La Mort...

For your info. There are still some people in Nam who speak French.

You are not claiming Eisenhower was right in sending America to a ridiculous war, are you?

You are not claiming that US won the war in Nam, are you?

Tricky Dicky was the only hero in this whole sordid affair.

Only you, rooster, can see this war differently.

For you people who want to embark in this noble cause of changing Haiti's official language to Creole;Did you even bother to ask the people what they truly want?

After all, you are not their father.The Haitian masses may not be educated, but they are not stupid either.Sometimes, I even think, the masses are a lot smarter than people who are posting in here.

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Marjorie Middy says...

Nobody really cares about France. France is not our problem since 1804.First. Our problem is which way to enforce an... more »

Baron Samedi says...

All of you guys with your boycotting ideas. Good, Make Bill Clinton and the rest of the US Happy! While you are at it... more »

Jean Felix Honore says...

The Black Bourgeoisie or the whole Haitian Bourgeoisie are lazy pigs who are looking for easy money.We should start... more »

Riquette Joanem Joasil says...

Do we really have a Black Bourgeoisie in Haiti? Where are they and who are they? The Haitian Bourgeoisie fails Haiti... more »

Mirealnde R says...

We are boycotting them now. In Boston, we have already called on all Haitians to do so and many people agree to do so... more »

Marjorie Middy says...

Boycotting the Bourgeoisie will not mean a lot unless you can back it up with some muscles...You people don't know... more »

Justin Mondesir says...

Of course there is a Black Bourgeoisie. who do you think the black faces in Montagne Noire are? more »

Ablerooster says...

Baron, your argument betrays your pitiful position; you aim only to protect your own wealth. I do not advocate... more »

Ablerooster says...

Another thing: I know a lot about Nam; My Father spent two years there as a riverboat captain.....several of my close... more »

Baron Samedi says...

raymond edward Olander, You are good at framing questions to answer ONLLY what suits you the best. Eisenhower help the... more »