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Toulimen, you might have misread my posting a little bit. I have never said anything bad about the Dominicans; my beef is with the Haitian Government who failed again and again to protect the rights of their people.

I agree with you wholeheartedly with the Haitian Elites being worthless.

Many of them don't consider themselves truly being part of the Haitian nation.

In other words the fact that so many of them are light skin (mulattos) and can easily blend to other ethnic groups, give them some sort of an open passport and a sense of non-commitment or non-binding to the plight and struggle of the native Haitian people.

If one's had to explore the history of how the Haitian Elites/Mulattos were created, it would speak volumes in an attempt to explain or justify their seemingly unpatriotic and unproductive behaviors.

With that said, I am not suggesting that every single Haitian from the upper Elite Class or every single Haitian mulatto inherit this, but many of them are like that.

You spoke about the generosity of the Dominican people for allowing thousands of Haitians to cross over their borders to seek medical help and somewhat of a better life post the earthquake.

My posting was not about whether Dominicans are good or bad. In fact, I praised the Dominican President Lionel Fernandez, who came to Haiti the day of the Earthquake to help the Haitians.

This was a great and historical gesture for which he was largely recognized.

Nevertheless, my focus is on the Haitian government who has not provided for their people in times of need.

We need not to forget our past so we can learn from it. Thousands of Haitians died in what is called now the Massacre River in the Dominican Republic under President Stenio Vincent as you also acknowledged.

The Dominicans did not kill of those Haitians under Pst Trujilio because they were sorcerers or voodoo practitioners, but rather simply for discriminatory reasons.

Trujilio stated that those people if we allowed them to keep crossing our borders, they will blackened the color of our people.

That statement itself is purely discriminatory and speaks volumes about the main reason why all those people died in vain. What did our Haitian Government do?

Did they create a committee to prevent future massacres?

Did they create jobs or increase the fertility of our land production to sustain the need of their own people?

Well, in case if you did not know already, the answer is no to all of these questions.

Instead, we accepted money per head for each Haitian who perished during this massacre.

Now, did I mention anything about the Generosity of Dominicans?


Did I say whether Dominicans were evil villains..No.

My point is, I do not condemn the Dominicans.

As the Haitian proverb says " TOUT BETE JININ MODER".

The possible future massacre scheduled for February 27th that I referred to, is not my own invention.

If you read papers such as "El Diario, DominicanToday, the Sanfrancisco Chronicle" and various other newspapers these days that cover this particular region, Haitian Deportations" is the topic du jour. People are frustrated with the overwhelming presence of Haitians in the Barrios whether it is in Santiago or in the Capital, the Dominicans living in the barrios want the illegal Haitians out of their neighborhood because they state that their president Lionel Fernandez acts too sweet with the Haitians.

Therefore, they set up a deadline until their independence day by February 27 to forcefully remove all Haitians from their Neighborhood and send them back to Haiti.

The photos of Haitian children with dirty clothing and no shoes begging in the streets of Santiago is heartbreaking and not pleasant to see my friend.

The Haitian government is certainly aware of this and resolves not to do anything about it. Had these children been of a different nation, a special delegation would have been dispatched over there to remove them from the streets and subsequently job creating programs would have been created to sustain the life of those people into their country.

My beef and concern is with the Haitian government for failure to provide for their people.

My post is not about how good or bad are the Dominicans.

I put myself in their place, if Haiti was flourishing, tourism was booming and the economy moving in the right direction and for me to see Dominicans coming over to Haiti to dirty my country and making me moving backward, I would revolt against them and kick them back into their country too. Therefore I don't blame them for kicking us back to Haiti.

Our government needs to start taking full responsibility for their citizens.

That is the reason why I stood by my statement when I said "The Haitian government does not care for his people" I will stand by my statement until I see otherwise.

Moderateur, February 5 2011, 6:45 PM

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