Nobody really cares about France. France is not our problem...

Marjorie Middy - February 5 2011, 7:08 PM

Nobody really cares about France.

France is not our problem since 1804.First.

Our problem is which way to enforce an educational system reflective of Haiti and its culture.

Second, how is this newly developed educational system will be beneficial to the new Haitian generation.

How will it take the youth forward?

The problem is not "French" per se. But should we keep the French language operating in Haitian society to Haiti's benefit.

Haiti has been grappled with this problem since the 1930's. Most of Haiti's public school system did operate in Creole, even though the textbooks were in French.

I remember citing textbooks in Haiti: "Nos ancetres les Gaulois".

Even then I remember this question running from my mind over and over again.


they are my ancestors?

I asked my parents and my teachers who truly did not have a clear answer to my questions.

In the 1950's Francois Duvalier makes sure that children were being educated in Creole (public schools).

1970's, the same questions were asked and tried.

Nothing came out of it.
Americans tried to inculcate their system in Haiti and it did not work either.

The conclusion was that every country used the "funneling" system to educate its own. Meaning that education is a commodity and it is being used from up to bottom.

We have yet to see an educational system that is being administered with the "establishment" money and is being used from bottom up. Let us know when this one becomes successful (wholesale) as everyone would be interested in that piece of History.



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