Haiti Is A Country Filled With Sansvergogne People

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They are the shameful people or the cursed dark skinned Haitian people in the Caribbean Region.

Those Sansvergognes need to shut up before they get their asses kicked off. They are lazy and they like being dependent on others.

If the United States and the Dominican Republic people did not exist those Sansvergognes would have already gone. They are lazy and they will never create jobs to feed their people.

They like easy money through money transfers, banks and car renting services.

We should boycott those lazy so-called Haitian bourgeois.

They are shameful bourgeois that deserve to be thrown in the garbage of history to repeat Frantz...

Petrus Middy, February 5 2011, 10:33 PM

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Petrus, the rich are the Sansvergogne people and I believe that's what you meant in writing your posting. I agree with... read more >
Toulimen, 7-Feb-11 12:23 am


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