We are the slaves of the white men scientists with blonde hair and blue eye

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We are the slaves of white male scientists with blonde hair and blue eyes. I remember that Lula Da Silva states in one of his political speeches right after his first visit to the United States that Whites with blue eyes and blonde hair are the ones to blame for the world economic depression that we are all found ourselves in. I was laughing about his statement but two years later I found out that we are all the slaves of the white males scientists with blonde hair and blue eyes as described by Lula. The reason that we are their slaves is because of their creation of vaccines and DNA gene's discovery.

White males with blonde hair and blue eyes in positions of power are making all of us starting with their wives as the first slaves followed by strawberry whites, white with black hair, whites with red hair, biracial blacks i.e. mulattos and to finish with black.

With the power of gene's manipulations, white males scientists believe that they own us and we all carry their genetic imprints with those vaccines that made us believe that they were or are created to protect us against certain diseases.

Rather those vaccines predestine our diseases and what kinds of death that will occur to any of us. Inside those vaccines as explained by Trudeau the author of the first book called "The Truth They Do Not Want Us To Know" as confiscated and burned down by the U.S. government whatever vaccine that we had received in our lives that vaccine predetermines our genetic disease.

This guy continues to argue that all people with type O positive blood receives disease-gene through their first vaccinations that will trigger allergic reactions in their lives if exposed to certain types of environment.

Our allergic reactions don't come to us like an isolated fact but the gene that is inside our body triggers that allergic reaction.

To create that gene, white males scientists with blonde hair and blue eyes take saliva's gut samples from dead bodies and they conducted their experiments on those dead bodies to create that specific gene to trigger allergic reactions in people...He explains that those scientists create the science called genetic to justify all those so-called genetic diseases that we know today...

He further explains how people develop cancer in that first book. He explains that some cancers are genetic through the parental lines because certain people have to live shorter life expectancy than others through the natural selection process as designed by Charles Darwin and controlled by those scientists today.

The latter believe that they receive the power from God to preserve certain species and to destroy some of them. At some point in your life, you don't know what type of gene that you have received from those ignorant which will make you develop certain diseases.

For those who were born under Duvalier the father, they have some type of protection because Duvalier himself as a physicist who graduated from Massachussets University knew about all that and he fiercely refused to many types of vaccines to be administered to some people in Haiti during his days, but under his son white scientists had leeway to administer those vaccines.

If he had resisted like his father he would be killed right away. Who can resist the power of white scientists today?

Nobody, but Duvalier Francois did resist and for that he was called a dictator...

When you think that you are free, you need to think twice.

Goethe, a great German writer argues that he felt sad when he learned that the freed slaves in the New World and other parts of the world believed that they were free. The reason he said that was because of the natural selection process as conducted by white scientists coming from Germany and later the vaccine creation with Louis Pasteur (French) which made us all of us slaves of the white males with blonde hair and blue eyes in positions of power all over the world.

When you think that you are free you need to think twice.

Only some uncontacted tribes in the Amazon and certain parts in Africa are free for having no contacts whatsoever with those white male scientists.

For instance, the Dogon People in Mali and the Maroons in Jamaica and some uncontacted Amazon tribes can say that they are free people for not having the imprints of white scientists on their bodies.

White males with blonde hair and blue eyes especially the KKK backing power of the United States as largely working among the CIA believe that they had received their power from God to discriminate, create diseases as well as killing others through bacteriological warfares.

Whoever tries to resist to the power of those KKK in the world will face diseases, assassinations, deportations or exiles and a lot of man-made disasters.

The cholera in Haiti was an answer of those KKK backing power against Preval for not selling Haiti to the U.S. We openly know that Preval is bad but we don't know how he saves the lives of so many in Haiti before that cholera.

For the KKK in America, Haiti's population should be reduced to three or four millions only and we will face more diseases in the next decade if no leadership takes place in Haiti...

Instead of tearing others apart which pleases a lot those KKK, it is time to think about our destiny and the future of Haiti at the hands of those KKK in America.

In Haiti, those KKK-CIA are following and monitoring our lives very closely but I wish one day we could kick their ...

out of Haiti and you know what I mean. I may die in a few months but before I die I would love you to know what you don't know or perhaps you ignore.

May be you will say well this guy is crazy but before you understand the reality of this hidden secret agenda it will be too late and after all we are the slaves of the white males scientists or KKK-CIA backing power in the world...

Toulimen, February 9 2011, 12:12 AM

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