I am not accusing you of anything and I simply made some...

Petrus - February 10 2011, 10:47 PM

I am not accusing you of anything and I simply made some corrections about your last posting.

I never insulted anyone and I will never do that. I always conduct myself politely and I treat my opponents with respect and I greet them at the end of any posting.

Relax and reread again my coments on your last posting.

Jynne, listen the mulatto writers in Haiti had thought you and I wrong history about Toussaint Louverture.

They made us love Dessalines just to reap the wealth benefits of being the new masters of Haiti and they made us hate Toussaint.

Both leaders should be loved unconditionally by all of us. The reason they did that was because they did not want us to learn and speak French so they would not lose their hegemony as new masters over Haiti.

In their hearts, they hated and continue to hate Dessalines for killing their former white parents.

This is the mulatto's hypocrisy game in Haitian politics.

Tell me Jynne after two strong earthquakes that completely destroyed Hispaniola in two decades if you would opt for independence as a leader when the slaves' revolt erupted in 1791 where you lost everything and could not rebuild on your own! Would you opt for independence?

Would you burn that country down to start all over?

Toussaint faced two many problems during his time as a charismatic leader and he could not ask for more. Who asked Dessalines to seek independence if Leclerc decided to restore slavery in Hispaniola?

It was Toussaint that asked for that while he was held in prison in Fort De Joux. The documents are in France and I read them while I was writing my master thesis 5 years ago. Jynne, I know nothing myself and I cannot pretend knowing anything.

I treated you with respect and why are you reproaching me for not having a civil debate with you. Be honest with yourself! I am sharing knowledge because I am not selfish but insulting me like that is not pleasant at all. May God bless you!

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