Jynee, You have raised some very important points here and I...

Baron Samedi - February 10 2011, 11:38 PM

You have raised some very important points here and I could not agree with you more. In a perfect world your ideas would have been flawless.

We must understand the history of U.S. foreign policy and foreign aid.
From U.S.big city Ghettos, Africa, Latin America and the Caribbeans, financial aid was never meant to solve socioeconomic problems.

It was meant to use temporarily until permanent solutions were found.

Revamping of US policies is not the issue.

The very sociological history upon which foreign aid was created would have to be entirely changed.

Countries need to be seen as Countries.They should not be viewed as downtrodden folks, with severe learning impairments and a hopeless future.

To do what you and others have asked them so often -- US would would require a totally different mindset.

Money is usually funneled through people with whom they have already formed a contact and a history with. Money is not given so much on merit but on a who's who basis;the old boy network.

The Foreign Aid system has no accountability in term of tracking empirical progress.

The administrative expenditures could go as high as 75% of the donated money.

Those issues, among others have always been a thorn in foreign aid's back.

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