Petrus, I don't disagree with you about Toussaint's role in...

Jynee - February 11 2011, 12:13 PM


I don't disagree with you about Toussaint's role in our history.all of our forefathers should be revered.

I'm not in no way criticizing his actions or Dessalines' actions.

I do believe they both did what they had to do and what they thought was best for Haiti.

I'm just saying that Toussaint wanted to compromise and I don't think there is anything wrong with wanting to compromising at the time but Napoleon would not so it cost both France and Haiti alot. My point was Haiti might have been a different place if france had went along with Toussaint's plan instead of kidnapping and throwing him in jail. who knows?

the America's might have been a different place.

The Louisiana purchase might not have happened, France might have had a bigger influence in the Americas.

till this day western leaders still follow Napoleon path, they tend to discard moderate nationalist leaders only to have to deal with a more radical Nationalist later.

Either way, Haiti need a true Nationalist to bring about its economic Freedom, either one who will follow Toussaint path or Dessalines, at this point, I don't really care which path but i can guarantee you the US will reject the Toussaint only to have to face the Dessaline later

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I am not accusing you of anything and I simply made...



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