Really, gay people became gay because of scientists. Yet, no...

Donivan - February 11 2011, 12:31 PM

Really, gay people became gay because of scientists.

Yet, no one is born gay and no one becomes gay, except when those scientists come in while you are sleeping and inject you with the gay chromosome, huh?

Homosexuality has been around before the study of the human body and sexuality behaviors.

An environment can have an effect on one's sexuality preference in later life. However, the most prevalent reason is the make-up of hormones and DNA pre-cursors that determine one's sexual preference.

Hate the sin and not the sinner.

People are hating the sin and telling people that practice such behavior.

But those that practice the behavior try to justify it in a number of ways. The first being that the Bible is man-made.

Then I ask why did it take a bunch of men to determine what would go in the Bible and what would not if the Bible was a total fabrication?

The first counsel was held back in 325 A.D. One reason why the counsel was held was due to the HUGE number of books, parchments and scrolls that encompassed the Christian faith.

So they were pressed for time and resources.

The next was to "hide" certain aspects.

What they are is a journey we all should undertake.

The next reason is that God loves me, so he will forgive me through Jesus.

Partially true. Yes, Jesus died for our sins, yet it is you that must make good on that act. Otherwise, for your sake, Jesus died in vain. Now for those that don't believe in Jesus, but still believe that God loves them enough to overlook such behavior.

Did your parents not love you?

Did your parents at times, though that they loved you, punished you for misbehavior?

If the answer was yes, then why can't God do the same thing.

Next some will argue that the first creation in Genesis, humans were androgynous.

No possibility there, as there is evidence that supports this. The first creation (Genesis 1:27)states that He created humans male and female.

Some will argue the Bible is a matter of interpretation, this is clear as day. (Leviticus 18:22) states that no man is to have sex with another man.

Finally, some will argue there is no God and that evolution comes into play. O.k., for those atheists out there, if we evolve from monkeys, then how come scientists have not successfully found the missing species that links humans together with monkeys or apes?

That's right, they are still missing the main species that ties it altogether.

So, until that is discovered, that kind of blows the evolution theory out of the water.

Still, if one would like to argue this, then explain how everyone on this Earth, except Africans have Neanderthal DNA. Two to six percent is the average.

The case here is that Africans do not have the DNA as proven by science study.

So, that stands to believe that humans came out of Africa, about 150,000 years ago and integrated with the current inhabitants.

In conclusion, the Bible does state that homosexuality is a sin. If it goes against what God asks for, then it is a sin. No one should be subjected to torture, abuse or bullying because of their practice.

BUT, they are to be ignored when they want others to accept their practices.

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Gays are gay because scientists made them become gays...


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