This is a very good analysis on your part. French people in...

Petrus - February 11 2011, 7:27 PM

This is a very good analysis on your part. French people in the modern France hate Napoleon and all his descent lines for losing Haiti and the Grand Louisiana Territory including Louisiana, Iowa, Kentucky, Indiana, Part of Texas, Illinois and Missouri (all were French territories).

Toussaint was too advanced for Napoleon and he could not understand the concept of sovereignty and self-determination as wanted by Toussaint.

He was the first one in the Western Hemisphere to evoke such a concept which benefits so many countries around the world.

Canada is a great beneficiary of that concept as being a Dominion country of the Bristish followed by Quebec an autonomous Canadian province and many other British territories in the Caribbean and to end with so many U.S. territories around the world.

I commend you on this part that all Haitian Forefathers need to be revered with no exception at all. If I were to be president of Haiti I would create a Heroes Plaza in the highest mountain point of Haiti like Mount Rushmore in the United States.

Haiti is a great country with a great history but Haitian political leaders and Haitian Bourgeois are too corrupt and criminals.

It is sad hein. Look at how they just killed one of the Toulimen's friends in Haiti.

He went back to Haiti this week for the funeral and I wish him a safe trip back to the U.S. I feel his pain and I wish him my deepest condoleances.

Keep up with the good work Jynnee and I really appreciate your precious comments.

Take care!

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