Linda, Rooster is convinced that US culture is superior...

Jynee - February 12 2011, 12:35 PM


Rooster is convinced that US culture is superior because He's American and as nationalist/patriots he can't stand for people to criticize his country.

I certainly don't like when foreigner criticizing Haiti.

Also American govt do its best to protect its citizen or keep them from the truth.

if you look at the US system, the Democrat govt is like the Mother and the Republican govt is The father.

sure they differ in their governing style but the objective is the same. to dominate and provide for their offspring at least for their favorite sons and daughters, you know the rich white elite capitalists.

the middle class whites are the middle kids, average nothing special kids, that most parent provide for out of obligations, African-americans are the illegitimate kids the father had before/outside of the marriage, Asians are the adopted kids and black/latino immigrants are the restaveks.

the nosy kids will find out what their parents are up to but the other kids aren't worried as long as they are well fed, secure and kept entertained while the parents goes outside the home to handle its business.

American citizens are like children of Mafia families, Group A-kids have an idea that their parents deal in shady business but feel that their parent gotta do what they gotta do. these are the americans who knows what their govt do overseas and think its ok because it's about survival of the fittest, these become high ranking government officials who take over the family business.

group-B dont think about where the money comes from or why people fear/despise their parent, they figure jealousy but who cares lets shop and have fun. those are the Americans who chose to stay ignorant because its better to think about lindsey lohan rehab or tom cruise jumping on couch then to think about geo-politic

Group C kids knows the family business but is really not that bad. and their mobster family is better than the others cause they help the neighborhoods, they open businesses, they loan money, they give jobs and are the good guys. these are the American who think US is the world police and America will do what is best for everybody because America may be a bully but she's good bully

Rooster falls under 1 of these category only he knows which.

Group A or Group C

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