Jynnee, that is a pretty good analysis and I would love to add...

Petrus - February 12 2011, 1:20 PM

Jynnee, that is a pretty good analysis and I would love to add some new elements.

1. I agree with you at 100% that there is no difference at all between the Democrats and the Republicans because both of them carry the political ideology of the U.S. to govern America.

The Democrats are the mother and the Republicans are the Father/Providers and both care their sons and daughters.

Congrats on this point!

2. African Americans and Mexican Americans chose to be the American Restaveks and that subserviency was not imposed on them after the creation of America.

Afro-Americans as later known African Americans were given the option to live America to settle in Liberia because the KKK wanted them out of America after their efforts to educate them failed with the Quaker Schools and there were many white women who volunteered themselves to teach them too despite their refusal.

Only 2% of African Americans are educated after all those efforts and the ones who are educated became the new commanders like the Haitian Bourgeois in Haiti (Louis Farakan said it to Wyclef).

They associate themselves with the white elites to manage the 10% of those African Americans who refuse to be educated.

They chose their own destiny by not having any character at all. Please do not defend this group because they hate all black or mulatto foreigners.

We are hated by dark skinned African Americans and light skinned African Americans.

Jynnee please do not talk about them here. They chose their own discrimination path and that is why they are so hated by whites.

Mexican Americans and not Latinos are the same like those African Americans when Mexico lost the Spanish-American war. They have no character at all like the African Americans and they are a shameful group among the Latinos.

Many Latinos from South America and the Caribbean are very educated and you cannot compare them with those lazy Mexican Americans the largest latino group in the United States.

Latino is a label to group all Spanish speakers in the United States but they are suddivided into several other categories like Chicanos, Mexican Americans, and Latinos.

This is a very complex group to research for more info. However, we as being part of the minorities we are paying a huge price due to the fact the economic burden has been shifted to the minorities in the U.S. Nationally seventy percent of whites are living well in the U.S. and one can say that the United States is a white country for its majority is white.

3. America is a self-criticism society so there is no room for outside critics.

They produce their own critics with three different ideas.

Look at the way they spread the news around with three different man-made opinions and they agree between themselves.

American news is a political theater.

Everything is written down and discused before it is being said on the News. Radio Metropole in Haiti is doing the same work in Haiti.

This is a communist government in terms of news and job creations in AMERICA.

The jobs are created by the government before they are being shifted to the private sectors.

It is not bad but they are not superior than any other countries.

However, they have the know-how, the can-do attitude, the means and abilities to do so. At least they don't create a tribal state with no rule of law like Haiti.

Good Job Jynnee! Please talk and don't let others like Linda refraining you from talking ok!

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