Ablerooster, I have learned a lot of good things and bad...

Petrus - February 12 2011, 3:37 PM

Ablerooster, I have learned a lot of good things and bad things in America but the bad sides of America do not make America a tribal nation like Haiti.

The mistreatments of certain ethnic minorities came from their refusal to assimilate a new culture under a New World Order.

History is written by the winners and not by the losers.

African Americans, Native Americans and Mexican Americans were the losers after America became an independent nation.

They had no choices than assimilating themselves and put history behind them to move forward rather they chose to segregate themselves to continue their same old world.

They are tribal ethnic groups and if they were given a free territory they would transform it like Haiti as a criminal and corrupt state with no structures whatsoever.

Haitians are very sensitive when others tell them the truth.

They like to complain over and over in continuing the same old mess...and nothing will change.

Strong people love the truth and they learn from their mistakes to move forward but coward people love lies and they are very suspicious too. There is no pride in arguing about Haiti's problems when one cannot make a difference between the educated ones and the illiterate ones...

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Petrus, your general thesis is a healthy one, but...



Mr. rooster, I don't think you understand too much about Haitian history and culture and I would suggest you keep your...

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