I think Haiti need both its own armed services and a sound...

Jynee - February 12 2011, 4:51 PM

I think Haiti need both its own armed services and a sound economic development plan. Haiti at some point has to be sovereign and able to protect its citizen.

it does not make sense that country of 10 million only have 6,000 or so police officers, and 10,000 foreign boots.

New york city has about 10 million people and have 40,000 police officers.

not to mention other federal agencies branches that also operate to deter crime like branches of the FBI, DEA and ATF. so the fact that Haiti is not the murder capital of the Americas says a lot about haitian values.

Haiti has ten department and all 6000 cops are concentrated in port au prince, 2/3 of the population pretty much regulate themselves.

UN spend 500million and wants to up it to 750 million a year to support 10,000 MINUSTAH soldiers, i believe their salary is $1200 a month and the rest of the money support their living expenses and other logistics.

Meanwhile a bunch of vibrant young men in Haiti has not job and no sense of discipline and responsibility.

to Me, that is a cruel joke, How much would it cost to train these youn men a sense of discipline and responsibility for their country.

haiti is in bad need of a coast guard like services for a country prone to natural disaster, it needs able bodies men and women who can respond quickly to a natural emergency.

it has been 7 years since MINUSTAH in Haiti yet I see no preparation of a security force to replace them so it seems that this is suppose to be indefinite.

This I cannot support!

at the same time, I understand that many of the elite families operate mafia style where they control the ports and pretty much run a monopoly in Haiti.

That has to stop, Haiti need a true economic development that goes beyond the typical robin hood romance of taking from the rich to give to the poor. yes this families are rich but let's be honest, there's no Bill Gates, not even sure if there's an oprah.

if there's one billionaire family in haiti, it doesn't have much more than that. there's only abbout what 5-10 wealthy families.

so after the wealth is redistributed to people with no business acumen, then what?

Haiti Need A real economic plan that will decentralize the seat of power in port-au-prince.

an economic plan that will uplift the whole country without destroying each other.

like Solomon says there is a time and a season for all things, now is the season to heal, uplift, unite and work toward a common goal of making the country better.

we need all sectors of haitian society, they each have something to contribute!

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