Baron, i understand that America has an atrocious track record...

Ablerooster - February 13 2011, 9:58 AM

Baron, i understand that America has an atrocious track record in Haitian affairs, but it does not necessarily follow that we we will commit the same same atrocities all over again...

The world has changed and I believe that America would be bound by a vast assortment of onlookers to do what is right for the future of the Haitian people.

More than anything, Haitians need security, a decent economy for all to participate, and the logistical expertise to distribute resources and build infrastructure.

My views on the elite have changed because my former view would only encourage further instability in Haiti.

The elite should be buttressed only to the extent that they provide continuity in Haitian affairs, but should be informed in no uncertain terms that they either become transparent, and SHARE, or they're out. I mean not to insult Haiti, and I don not intend to come across as some sort of sage. My ideas are far from perfect, but just look at the situation! It is beyond comprehension in the present mind-set! America can do what is right for a change, and moreover, if She did, it could be the beginning of a restoration of trust in Her by Haitians.

Instead of wasting billions of dollars and thousands of lives trying to police the entire world (which only contributes to our decline), America should be leading by example in Her own neighborhood.

America has a long, hard crawl back to earn the trust of her neighbors, and Haiti could be the cultured pearl that begins to restore that trust.

I cannot argue with you about the past, because you are correct on all accounts.

But as Tiba remarked some days ago, if you remember the past, and endeavor to learn permanent lesson from it, you can avoid repeating it. Personally, I don't think America could get away with repeating the past in Haiti.

Times have changed far too much, and too many eyes are watching.

Haiti doesn't need to be bossed around, but She needs to be lead out of the dark once and FOR ALL. The past is primarily a function of the long-discredited notion of white supremacy.

If America does for Haiti what she did for Japan and Europe, well all you have to do is look at those places for your answer.

That said, Much Respect to You for your indomitable patriotism.

I look forward to your next post.

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