A lottery should be put in place by which those who are...

Ablerooster - February 13 2011, 11:18 AM

A lottery should be put in place by which those who are literate in Kreyol are given an opportunity for business education and a role (including a financial stake) in rebuilding the Haitian economy.

Contrary to what many believe, it is Small Businesses that underpin a vibrant economy, not huge conglomerates.

The USDA should embark on a campaign to revitalize Haitian agriculture as the primary source of domestic food supplies.

Farmers should not be growing fancy fruits for export only to have to eat donated staple foods...

whatever idiot started that should be cut out of the equation.

Only when Haitian farmers are growing enough staple should talk about exports begin.

Native Haitian swine should be reintroduced from Jamaica and Cuba and high maintenance American pork should be slaughtered wholesale.

"The Right Crops for the Right Climate for the Right People" should be the defacto mantra of Haitian agriculture.

It really can be done, and I believe America can help.

The problem with NGO's is that they spend an enormous amount of money on overhead, so very little trickles down to those in need. In the case of the Marines (security), the USDA (agricultural know-how), the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (infrastructure), and the Joint Services Logistical Command (logistics), their overhead is already paid; ALL aid money would go to the various points where it is needed most. Also, the U.S. chamber of commerce could assist in industry and commerce incubation.

Just a few thoughts.

An increasing awareness of inept American policymakers and inexcusable mismangement born of ulterior American motives is beginning to distress me greatly.

It is very difficult to admit that my country has failed so purposefully and willingly.

I am learning slowly, but I still believe that America is Haiti's best chance.

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