Jynnee, when arguing about the French territories on the...

Petrus - February 13 2011, 12:19 PM

Jynnee, when arguing about the French territories on the United States, one must say the "Louisiana Territory" and not the actual state of Louisiana including parts of Louisiana, Missouri, Indiana, Kentucky, Iowa, Illinois, Nebraska and a part of Colorado.

That's the whole French territory in the United States, but among those French territories Hispaniola was the best ever Trading Post for France; and once they lost it nothing was important to them in the New World.

That is why Napoleon Bonaparte stated this:"Let Haitians perish within their own nest." What do we get in return?

The answer is this:The Ungratefulness From America.

We are a rich country in mineral wealth and America refuses us to develop our mineral wealth to feed our people.

The worst of it the Most Repugnant Elites of Haiti side with them under the paternalistic umbrella as labeled "The U.S. Protectorate." Toulimen are you back?

You need to shed some light here because it seems that Ablerooster is confused with Haiti's contribution into the wealth and the greatness of America.

Give us a buzz if you are back. I hope that you are doing well after the loss of your friend recently killed by those criminals in Haiti.

I wish you a safe trip back. Give us a buzz ok!

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Jynee, I agree with the basic thrust of your message...



Mr. rooster, I don't think you understand too much about Haitian history and culture and I would suggest you keep your...

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Petrus, what did I say to indicate that I am confused?

Petrus, just when I start to trust your intentions...

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