Petrus, just when I start to trust your intentions you...

Ablerooster - February 13 2011, 12:55 PM

Petrus, just when I start to trust your intentions you blind-side me with insults.

I don't get it....

Here we go again: A Haitian lecturing an American on American History.

Let this sink in to your skull: I admire you for your pride, however self-destructive it may be, but don't propose that Haiti EVER had ANY kind of substantial influence on American History.

The thesis is SILLY from the TOP to the BOTTOM.

It's like proposing that an ant has a significant influence on the life of an eagle.

Pride is healthy only to the extent that it doesn't BLIND a man, and yours has blinded you. I don't deny Haitian efforts and accomplishments in, and on behalf of, America, but to act like they actually bore any formative value is ABSURD.

History's losers love to rewrite it so as not to feel so inferior.

I say you needn't feel so inferior; for you have been a victim of improper American policy.

Having submitted that, I suggest that you quit making wild claims of the Haitian role in American history.

I believe strongly in Haitian Potential, but please remember where you are. You are in the belly of the beast.

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