Llyod is confused

Lloyd - July 31 2007, 6:44 PM

Brain is an organ of the human body.All animals have brain.We, humans, have the faculty to cultivate our brain into mind, the problems with some of my haitian
brothers, they are still living in the past.Call me whatever you like.you can't deny that haiti is the second independant country in the american continent.See USA, they are more advanced than England
technologically and economically.

Haiti had a beautifull past but the world have left us behind because we are unable to agree and disagree with each
order without cursing, disrespecting or even killing an opponent.I'm by no means a supporter of Dubya, cut the stupidity out.Washington, no matter who is the white house controls most of the 3rd world countries, not only haiti.

Remember that Haiti fought brillantly for independence but unfortunately had to pay indemnity to France to stop the french colons from coming back to take over the island.Real men like to hear the truth, i'm just a messager trying to make my haitian brothers to realize our mistakes so we could modify our "doings".Well'i'm wasting my time because you world is different from mine, is all about killing, distroying and wait for someone to rebuild it for us.If we ignore Haiti's problems we won't be able to change things, we've been at each order troat for the past 200 years, it is time that we change.sakle, plante,nettoye, appran'n n'impot bagay na konstri peyi nou, ace mande ya va respecte nou, koupe tet brille caille, nou te esclav, bien yo te pou colon yo.kou nie la haiti se pa'n an travay pou nou fe bel.Look at Labadee, it is nice, call me whatever you want Haiti besoin jaret, brille fre pa fe'l change.I'm in Haiti giving my services to the needy.Find something to do, any little thing would help. To the other guy in England, i don't want to waste my precious time chatting with u, i'm straight, i'm not looking for a relationship, take care bro or sis, i don't swing that way

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Llyod,your ignorance does not cease to astound me...


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