Aristide made his millions through his 5 book sales and...

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Aristide made his millions through his 5 book sales and generous contributions for his charitable organization.

Aristide had received money through the Haitian elites to promote his charitable organization causes in Haiti.

Aristide has not stolen any money in the Haitian treasury.

The United States is trying to scare him through his political acquaintances with some known Haitian drug dealers jailed in the U.S. and in Haiti as well. It happens to all presidents in the world to receive money donations through people they don't even know. People contribute to any political leader's campaign for what they stand for in the political arena.

Money has no color, sex, cultural behavior and gender roles attached it. Political campaigns cost money and the more money one raises the better one can sell and promote himself or herself for the good cause.

Aristide could have received some donations from some criminals without knowing it because the donation check did not abhor any criminal mark or trademark on it. How one can accuse Aristide of stealing money?

Under his administration, people could have stolen or diverted some money because we never reform the Haitian administration which is filled with 95% of the richest families' members in Haiti.

If we had done so in the past 25 years Haiti could have looked different today rather all its past presidents and the upcoming one had continued and would continue the same status quo and business would remain as usual.

We will say the same for Preval too after he leaves.

Both of them may look incompetent in managing the Haitian political affairs but assuming they are thieves I would completely disagree with you. I can say politicians from Pestel, Port Salut, Camperin and Marmelade so far are the most honest politicians in the Haitian political history.

Namphy, Aristide, Preval, Lesly Manigat and Trouillot are the true honest presidents of Haiti ever. They have their say into a New Former Haitian Presidents Council in Haiti.

Aristide will be back soon right after the investituture of the presented youngest candidate Michel Martelly against Grandma Manigat.

This is the time for the youth with Martelly as the new president of Haiti...

Petrus From Uc, February 14 2011, 2:45 PM

Topic: Haiti: Aristide Should Return Stolen 350 million

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