Reading this text helps me understand how America is a very...

Petrus - February 14 2011, 3:04 PM

Reading this text helps me understand how America is a very racist country on earth.

Whites carry the entitlement mentality and they want everything for themselves and death for the others.

Many whites are the ennemies of God because they are dominated by greed, selfishness and racism.

If one needs to create an office to promote racism in his or her country one should look upon America for guidance because America is the most racist country ever on earth.

They know how to manage poverty and they know how to use racism as a discriminatory tool to manage poverty on behalf of the vulnerable ones. They discriminate some people through their TABOR law system which is TaxPayers Bill of Rights designed to finance schools through the taxation system and this leaves no room for Open School Enrollment(you go to school where you pay your taxes).

Canada does not buy the U.S. TABOR law system as a good model and most of its schools are financed by the government tax funds and they all receive same funding and same materials as well. Canadian schools are well equipped and Canadian children are not lagged behind like many in the United States.

However, in the United States, if you have good income and you end up leaving in a wealthy area your child will get the best education possible and his or her school will receive all the necessary fundings to purchase sophisticated materials to teach him or her whereas if you live in a poor community your child will be lagged behind because he or she is enrolled in a less funded school.

That's the kind of culture that Obama is trying to eradicate before he leaves office but the KKK Ablerooster and others are trying to put him out of office to prevent those changes from taking place into the American political system.

Shame on those monsters and shame on them. Haiti cannot be better under the protectorate of those racist poverty pimp American politicians...


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