Haitians in the Diaspora Needs To Organize Themselves To End Their Exile

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I thank all of you for your support in the passing of my greatest friend ever Louis-Charles.

Once again, he got killed for denouncing social injustices in Haiti and the Haitian Bourgeoisie got him killed like Jean-Dominique through their hit men paid gangs in Haiti.

The five richest Haitian families are financing all those gangs in Haiti to kill anyone who is trying to denounce their corrupted system in Haiti.

Many of you may get killed through this blog site because the owner of this blog sent all his blogger IPs in Haiti for strict surveillance once you visit or return to Haiti.

At the Haitian airport, I was told to verify my IP address with them which I refused to do so. Knowing that I am a dual citizen they backed down otherwise they could have trouble if they continued to bother me.

Once again as many of you know it the content of this blog has been blocked in Haiti for preventing an internal revolution to occur.

Actually many Haitians in Haiti told me to use facebook which is another U.S. spying network to send messages to my loved ones. It is better to use U.S. emails (although monitored too) to send messages or blackberries to text urgent messages to Haiti.

I have met three different groups in Haiti that will present an alternative to the Haitian Bourgeoisie or its Chamber Commerce in the days ahead for a transformation of the Haitian society and if that instance refuses to address their concerns they will launch an internal revolution against the Haitian Bourgeoisie and from their standpoint it will be the end of Haitians suffering in Haiti.

I am supporting them and the road to that revolution is not far. It will be the end of criminality, market monopoly, and corruption in Haiti.

I am back to fight again.

I just read some postings where Ablerooster treats all of us as ignorant and inferior people.

I will answer him as of tomorrow on my spare time for this guy needs to know what Haitians stand and fight for. Thanks Tiba for highlighting the major Haiti's contribution to America in its fight for independence.

My thanks go to Marjory Middy, Jynnee, Samba, Petrus, Joubert to name a few for standing for their Haitian rights.

Listen, Ablerooster is an ignorant himself and we should not waste energy on him. He is a biracial Haitian-American who is trying to pass off as a white person.

He is very dumb and his mother hates Haitian males after being dumped several times by Haitian males.

She hates Haiti very much and with her low IQ she could not give birth to a good son; therefore, one could understand Ablerooster's hatred toward Haiti.

Thanks to all of you and we are going to keep on fighting.


Toulimen, February 15 2011, 1:13 PM

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Zac, 18-Feb-11 8:16 am


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