I am not mistaken anything. You are a coward. Petrus will fix...

Sandra - February 15 2011, 7:57 PM

I am not mistaken anything.

You are a coward.

Petrus will fix you as he said in a matter of days. Your apology means nothing to him. This guy is a priest and I know he will take care of you. You don't come to a Haitian blog to insult them and you think that Haitians will be nice to you. You deserve a punishment and he will take care of you for sure. Apologize and change your name in the meantime shows how coward you are. You should not change your name at all. By changing your name that tells other you did it. He would fix you because your apology came too late. This guy in Elizabeth in NJ where he lives already sees you through a mirror and it is a matter of time for him to punish you. You are coward.

You apologize and you apologize and why changing your name after the apology?

You have no excuse at all. This guy already knows your name as a priest.

You are lying to yourself and not to him. You are in deep trouble and you will pay for the price of your impertinence because Haitians are not ignorant and inferior at all. You are an ignorant from coming to an inferior mother who does not educate you about Haitians.

The latter are great people and I respect them for what they stand for in their country.

I am from Barbados and my husband is from Haiti, I would never say that Haitians are ignorant like you. For what I know it is a matter of time for you to be working if the rice fields as slave in Haiti.

You are in deep sh....t ok.

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Sandra you are funny!

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