I really support your views at 100%. The Modern France is not...

Toulimen - February 15 2011, 8:49 PM

I really support your views at 100%.

The Modern France is not responsible for poverty in Haiti.

The Modern France invested a lot of money in education in Haiti to make all Haitians speak French but the Haitian elites are not for the eradication of illiteracy in Haiti.

They use the French language as a discriminatory tool to discrimnate other Haitians who don't speak French.

I cannot hate France because Haitians do not speak French.

We have Haitian elites who do not want Haitians to speak their language.

Haitian elites and political leaders are the ones to blame for the high illiteracy rate in Haiti.

If we have to hate we will hate all European countries and America too. Haitians need to be aware of their own fate to change Haiti and we cannot blame others for our mismanagement of our public institutions in Haiti.

We cannot put our French heritage aside at all and why should we do it when our language is derived from it?.

All Haitians need to speak at least three or four languages as requested by many European countries, but the main language as spoken by 100% of Haitians should be the target teaching language and the other languages should come second.

We need to imitate all countries around the world to develop languages' fluency in Haiti.

In France, 100% of French people speak French the target language in their country and many other European countries do the same. We need to have a foreign language department in all schools in Haiti and each Haitian should speak at least three languages before they garduate from his or her school.

Haitians should carry six foreign language credits into their report card before they graduate from high schools or any universities.

We should promote the Haitian Creole at all levels and it should only be the official language of Haiti to free Haiti from its high rate of illiteracy.

It is possible and we can do it if we want to make progress in Haiti.

If we cannot do that we should use a French literacy campaign to make at least 95% of Haitians speak French to level up with the 5% who speak it fluently.

I doubt it because if we have not done it for 206 years we would not be able to do it in a decade or less. It would take another 206 years to get 10% of Haitians to speak French fluently among the 30% of new Haitian French speakers.

After almost 500 years, we will be able to educate at least 35% of Haitians in Fench within our educational system.

There is a choice to make on this controversial topic and it is clear that we should all call for a new Educational reform that will promote Haitian Creole as the target teaching language in Haiti.

I met with many French specialists who are really good in Creole and they are ready to bring their expertise on board to help Haiti overcome this illiteracy problem.

Why should I promote hatred against French people when they are not part of our language problem in Haiti.

This guy is crazy.

He can hate French people because his mother was deceived by so many French speakers but we cannot promote that kind of hatred ourselves.

The creole is derived from French and we share a part of the French culturage heritage and how we are going to deny that part?

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