Toulimen great post, however I disagree with your saying that...

Zac - February 16 2011, 9:10 AM

Toulimen great post, however I disagree with your saying that Modern France is not responsible for Haiti's poverty.

The fact is She is and so is the United States.

And I think it is naive, very naive to think that France, the US and the International community have Haiti's best interests in mind.

And I'm not saying this so we can have a pity party or some sort of blaming game, I think it's important that we recognize history for what it is.

Their foreign policy for Haiti has always been to punish her for her defiance and it hasn't changed.

When they sign those so-called aid packages that money simply changes hands it comes right back to them (France, US).

Now while I admit that France and the US are responsible for Haiti's misery I also think that we Haitians are also responsible, certainly Haitians are even more responsible.

In a way, Haitians patterned up with foreigners to destroy the country.

I'm a young Haitian so young that I never knew Baby Doc and I've devoted myself to studying Haitian history to understand why we are where we are. My conclusion is that the failure of Haiti is the result of both Haitians and the International community.

But I think Haitians deserves most of the blame.

It is really sarcastic that you posted your comment under the title the Forgotten Black Bourgeoisie, it's been a hot topic with everybody commenting in favor of this black bourgeoisie.

For the life of me i cannot understand "this black bourgeoisie" everybody seems to be praising.

In my book a bourgeoisie is supposed to contribute to the advancement of their country.

The Haitian bourgeoisie has not done that. We should call them for what they are, a bunch of ignorant, selfish, unpatriotic, bourgie-wannabe, poor people with shoes.

Toulimen I agree with everything else you said about the language issue and education.

I'm going to school and I plan on helping Haiti in terms of education and my vision is virtually identical to yours.

I'm not gonna give too much details because I'm not trying to be assassinated when i travel to Haiti; martyrdom is not for me. Besides you can't much done when you're dead. In the Haitian diaspora there's an incredible number of young Haitians in college and many more who are graduate professionals and we are Haiti's last hope, It's not France, the US or the international community.

We are.

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