It is sad to hear that the Haitian elites want all Haitians...

Toulimen - February 16 2011, 4:02 PM

It is sad to hear that the Haitian elites want all Haitians who are living in the diaspora to live outside of Haiti forever.

They just want us as visitors and not as Haitian citizens.

How can we have a better life overseas when we have to send money in Haiti for our loved ones?

They state that they will not create jobs for Haitians in Haiti because they make more money with us. They like all those Haitians to be dependent on us. Think about it if America has to throw his fellow citizens out like those Haitian elites.

Americans who are living overseas are enjoying good life and they don't have to worry for their loved ones left behind them in America.

America creates job and continues to create jobs because they do not want Americans here not to be dependent on the American Diaspora.

It is the time for all of us to change this kind of mindset to make them think differently.

We should launch a facebook revolution so Montagne Noire, Petit-Rocher and Peguyville localities could understand enough is enough.

We have bills to pay here and why should Haitians in Haiti be so dependent on us?

The dependency attitude brings us more suffering than enjoyment.

We need to break this dependency cycle to free ourselves and free Haitians in Haiti too. The time of this revolution is now and there should be no turning back. The only way to stop this internal revolution is this: The Haitian Chamber of Commerce should at least create 3 million jobs in the next five years otherwise we will launch a serious revolution to throw them out of Haiti.

I am telling Mevz that Haiti cannot wait and he has to act quick or exile.

I am mad. Those people should not abuse and oppress us like that. If you are on facebook as Obama states it the other day that we should use this social network to bring dictators and corrupted bourgeoisies down around the world.

The time is now...Keep up with the good work! Peace my friend!

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I will start a war on my own with them for sure...


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