Can you believe that I was asked at the Haitian airport to...

Toulimen - February 16 2011, 4:32 PM

Can you believe that I was asked at the Haitian airport to share my company IP with them and I said no. They left me alone.

We will be followwed everywhere we go in Haiti and we may get killed for no reason.

How can we tolerate a bourgeoisie that keeps killing the sons and the daughters of a country that we all love, admire and cherish.

I am a biracial Haitian and I always feel myself 100% of Haitians than Beninois.

I love both countries but I feel more attached to Haiti.

In Benin, people are doing great stuffs there now. Many Beninois return to Benin and they are helping with schools, roads, bridges, irrigation, fishery and many other economic development projects which employ so many Beninois there.

The Beninois government adores all the Beninois who return to Benin.

No Beninois gets killed for criticizing their government or local elites.

The Beninois government states that they don't want Benin in the news and they have created good public forums for them to express their views on many things.

They are controlling the works of all foreigners there and they are proning unity among all Beninois.

The government of Benin states that if a foreigner comes to Benin to divide them that foreigner will be called to leave right away. They use Fon (spoken by 100% of Beninois) as an official teaching language and they give foreign languages status to all other languages.

They want me to stay there but I love Haiti more. Being a bilingual/bicultural person, I know how painful it is when a person is not educated in his or her own language.

I commend you on studying hard to go back to help Haiti in a near future.

I am on my 50s now and I have to go back home to help the unfortunate ones. We should stop the killing in Haiti and we should hold the Haitian Bourgeoisie and political leaders of Haiti accountable for their mismanagement of Haiti.

We should call for quick changes or revolution if nothing works.

The reason I used the Modern France in my previous posting is because I found more support from so many French language specialists than Haitian language specialists to teach Haitians in their own language to bring the illiteracy rate to 2% or zero.

I blame more Haitian politicians and the Haitian Bourgeoisie than the Haitian masses for the failure of Haiti.

We all want change for Haiti but those people don't want change to occur in Haiti.

We are the ones to do that Zac and we will do it ok. Take care my friend, you are on the good path ok. Keep up with the good work!

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