Rooster, fundamentally I believe Haiti is where it is because...

Zac - February 17 2011, 7:58 AM

Rooster, fundamentally I believe Haiti is where it is because of the terrible choices Haitians keep on making.

I am a strong believer in personal accountability.

My intention was not to condemn America however I don't think the US has been a true friend to Haiti.

In 1804 the US refused to recognize Haiti as an independent state, virtually placing an embargo on the country out of fear that their own slaves might revolt and they made sure no other country in this Hemisphere recognized Haiti.

Back then their foreign policy for Haiti was to contain her and that policy has not changed.

So it is in that respect that criticize the United States.

And there has been many times where the United States intervened in Haitian affairs supposedly to help...they usually end up causing more harm.

I agree that the Haitian Diaspora is the lifeline that keeps Haiti going.

It can also be the tool that saves Haiti.

Unlike most Haitians I don't think it's the US's job to develop Haiti.

I suspect when we talk about development the typical American thinks about building factories to put Haitians to work. To me development is much more than that.

As far as the next president, whoever it may be I don't expect much from them. It will be more of the same and I have no faith in the current leaders of Haiti, the United States or the international community.

I went to Haiti after the earthquake, having seen what i saw, i lost complete faith in the international community and the United States.

And like i said it's not their job and it shouldn't be their job to build Haiti.

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