Zac, I believe that Haiti's present circumstance is less the...

Rooster - February 17 2011, 5:03 PM

Zac, I believe that Haiti's present circumstance is less the result of poor Haitian decision making and more the result of long-passed injuries thrust upon her. It was an impossible circumstance from the start, with the only other Country born of a Revolution HOLDING SLAVES herself.

Haiti was ostracized for 60-some years, and thereafter, hardly paid any attention.

It is a very difficult challenge to overcome.

You are right.

America has not been a good friend to Haiti.

I say that an official redress of American Foreign Policy with regards to Haiti would be a good thing, but it is painfully apparent that America has squandered Her trustworthiness in Haiti.

I cannot understand why a change in American policy can't happen.

The average American is IGNORANT of the situation down there.

There are things America could do for Haiti that wouldn't involve domination, but FISCAL DISCIPLINE is a major issue.

People need to forget about China getting involved; they would do it only in self-interest to begin with, and they don't have the reliable reach anyway.

Besides that, you know America would not tolerate such a paradigm.

Haiti is in the AMERICAS.

At the very least, She should wrest her Salvation from trade with Her neighbors.

That means, Cuba, Jamaica, Puerto Rico, DR, Mexico, Brazil, Florida, Antilles, etc, etc. I f the Proper Package can be put together, I see Haiti as a Very Opulent Land inside of a Century.

Sorry for the drone...I had a couple beers...

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