I don't throw anything back to you. You have brought the topic...

Toulimen - February 17 2011, 8:44 PM

I don't throw anything back to you. You have brought the topic back in your reply so I clarify some points to you. As may think of it, Haitians do not hate Americans at all but they hate the American foreign policy in their country.

The American government is the one supporting the seven richest families in Haiti.

Mevz will tell you this:"When they tell us that Haitians are dying in poverty, we tell them this: we treat Haitians better than they treat African Americans, Native Americans and other minority groups in their country and they back down." Should a powerful nation like America back down or bow before those blood suckers in Haiti?

No. America should turn its face to them and help poor people in overthowing them like they did with Castro in Cuba. If America did not want Cuba to overthrow its corrupted elites, Cuba would be like Haiti today.

Both political parties behind the scenes are helping Cuba and why not Haiti?

The answer is racism, for this black nation should be left alone so it could destroy itself.

The whole world knows that America is the one that tolerates the Haitian conservatives in Haiti and they are the ones keeping Haiti in poverty.

You may hate France but if you understand French, listen to France Radio in French and you will know about the destructive American Foreign Policy in Haiti.

Do Haitians have the right to be mad at the U.S. government?

When Haitians are taking the streets to protest and change their situations, what does America do?

They send their army there or the United Nations to secure the wealth of those corrupted elites.

Why not let Haitians spare them to death so Haiti can change! If the U.S. government cannot let Haitians spare them to death so why showing bad pictures about Haiti and why criticizing Haiti all along?

This situation will remain the same for another 206 years and do you think the face of Haiti will change?

The Haitian elites have the right to say that both elites are ignorant and uncivilized too. What do you think?

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