Haiti Should Be The Retirement Place For Haitians And Not For Americans

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America should stop interfering into Haitian politics so Haitians can solve their own created problems.

Before the earthquake, we had 47,500 retired Americans in Haiti enjoying their retirement benefits along with the Haitian Upper class in Little Rock (Ti-Rocher), Peguyville, Black Mountain (Montagne Noire) and in other luxury locations in Haiti.

We have a Haitian Bourgeoisie that wants the Haitian Diaspora to live forever outside of Haiti to favor American retirees to live in Haiti.

We need to tell Martelly to break up with this type of culture to integrate all of us into Haiti's management so we can enjoy our retirement benefits in Haiti and not in America or elsewhere.

Haiti is and must be for Haitians to live until they die. America is for Americans and we should all return home. We will overcome the created oppression in Haiti and the latter will be free forever.

We should strive to return home. Poul Kreyol ak kochon Kreyol pa gen parey.

Nou pat fet pou manje kemiko sa yo se pou nou tounen lakay si nou pa vle mouri deyo...

Toulimen, February 18 2011, 4:14 PM

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I agree with you and it should be ok. Let's fight so we can keep it! read more >
Samba, 18-Feb-11 9:37 pm
Toulimen, there is NO WAY ON EARTH that there are 47,500 American retirees in Haiti, period. I think our conversations... read more >
Rooster, 19-Feb-11 8:40 am
You are in denial of yourself because you are an ethnocentric person like all Americans. CNN was the one to state that... read more >
Toulimen, 19-Feb-11 10:57 am
How old are you and how do you know all those stuffs? I am in my 50s but I don't know all those stuffs. Thanks for... read more >
Esther, 19-Feb-11 11:50 am
He knows all these things because he invents them. read more >
Rooster, 19-Feb-11 12:23 pm
monche...post sa frapem nan zo telman li tombe direk nan wout kalkil mwen konn fe sou posiblite tounen Ayiti.Se premye... read more >
Negsanyan, 21-Feb-11 1:37 am
Prev la fasil monche si yon elit ka deklare ou li fe plis lajan ak moun deyo peyi a, ke moun ki andan peyi a, eske... read more >
Toulimen, 21-Feb-11 10:28 am


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