4 school of thoughts on Haiti's failure

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1 Haiti's failures are caused by mostly domestic problems (Mats Lundhal)
i. The refusal by the Haitian elite to finance education since the days of Alexander Petion and Jean-Pierre Boyer.

(Minus Henry Christophe).

ii. Haitian authorities borrowed mostly to enrich themselves all throughout and after the 1860's.
iii. The Haitian authorities issue large quantity of cash paper currency to finance civil wars and their oligarchic methods.

Consequently, embezzlement and peculation and inflation followed insurrections.

iv. The Dessalines' doctrine of barring foreigners from owning real estate in Haiti.

v. Individualism is rampant while patriotism is notoriously absent.

vi. Haiti is the land of Generals: Rank in the army equals access to public funds.

vii. The supporters of this above hypothesis are Mats Lundhal and many fellow Haitians
2. Haiti's failures are caused by mostly foreign interferences
i. The world diplomatic isolation sponsored by France and the USA and respected by almost all the Latin American nations even those Haiti had helped through Simon Bolivar.

ii. The independence debt from France
iii. The attraction of carpet baggers to Haiti in 19th century
iv. The foreign merchants (Americans, Germans, and French) cooperated to overthrow to block Antenor Firmin while supporting Nord Alexis's total disregard of economic principles.

Those same merchants financed Antoine Simon and Cincinattus Leconte civil wars.
v. The American Imperialism negative impact on Haiti's future is apparent in Haiti's experience with the National City Bank debacle.

vi. The American Occupation of 1915-1934 reinforced the domination of the mulatto elite, changed but did not improve Haiti's educational system, imposed an unnecessary loan in 1922 whose accelerated amortization swallowed most the coffee's surpluses of the late 1920's instead of funding national economic developments.

vii. The forceful obligation to join the International money coffers in the late 1953 or risk economic isolation; the consequence is the debt trap

The supporters are: Solon Menos (L'affaire Luders) page 74-76; page 78-79
3. Haiti's failures are caused by both foreign and domestic problems
4. Foreign imperialism is the catalyst in the emergence of Haiti's domestic problems.

Rubens Titus, February 20 2011, 11:18 AM

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