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What are the skills that make a good leader?

Good leadership skills are deminstrated by the way the leader operates.

The functions of a leader are the aspects that get the necessary results and productivity.

This article defines some of the functions of the leader
Different functions of leaders

1) The leader is the top coordinator of the various activities of the group.

He is responsible for the
execution of the policies.

2) A leader is expected to be the source of readily available information and skills.

3) The leader should be the controller of in-group activities.

4) To frame and formulate group goals and policies.

5) A leader serves as an example to the group as how they should be and how they should do.
6) He is looked upon as a father figure to whom the groups look upon for identification for
transmission for feeling of submissiveness.

7) The leader serves as ideologist for the group.

He is the source of beliefs for the group

8) A leader serves as planner about the ways and means by which a group could achieve

9) A leader is the representative of its group to other groups for external relation and

10) A leader has the power to give rewards or punishments to the group members for their work
whatever is appropriate for smooth functioning of the group.

11) A leader also serves as a target for group aggression of frustrated and disillusioned group

A leader is target of positive as well negative reinforcement also.
12) To give thoughtful attention to the needs of people for satisfying relationships, to lead to a
comfortable friendly atmosphere and work tempo.

13) The leader should be readily available to all employees so establish effective subordinate-
superior relationship.

In more stable and formal corporate establishments all leadership functions may be necessary.

The objectives of the group play important part in deciding primary functions of the leader.

The most important function of the leader is to maintain smooth channels of communication among the group member and the leader.

Effective communication is however a joint process of the leader and group members.

The top 5 mistakes by a leader

1) A leader should not do favoritism and discrimination among the group members based on
personal likes and dislikes.

2) A leader should not make other members of the group feel inferior to him by trying to make
them show off that he knows more than them and is more knowledgeable.

3) A leader should not punish any fellow group member liable to punishment in front of the other
members but should be told in private.

4) A leader should not base his actions on the fact that he is on a superior position but should be
fair in his working.

5) An effective leader issues few but concrete orders rather than superfluous orders and should
also remember the orders he has given to avoid confusion and conflict in the group.

Leadership has been defined as the ability to produce meaningful change but in this 21st century change has a way of happening with or without leadership.

The leader's role becomes that of change management and control.

The ability to get onto the correct path for creating your own effective leadership style stems from within the individual.

Successful leaders agree, however, that the more you do your homework the less the need for any tricks.

Know your material, prepare with care in advance - then you have confidence in your developed and natural leadership traits and skills.

The best way to study and to define leadership should be in terms of what leaders do rather than what leaders are. There are mainly two dimension of effective leadership are -concern for people and concern for production.

Collaboration between superior and subordinate is a necessary condition for achieving integration of goals.

Money is the great motivating force for the group members but not everything to stimulate the people to work by giving their 100%25. What really makes them feel connected to a team or organization normally involves the questions like: What's in it for me; Do I fit in; Can I make an impact, Does it mean anything; Can I express myself?

There's got to be some sort of personal connection that motivates us to give their best.


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Published by admin at 12:15 pm under Good Leadership Skills What are the skills that make a good leader? Good... read more >
Marjorie Middy, 20-Feb-11 1:31 pm
That is a well published research Middy, and I congratulate you for publishing it here. I wish all Haitians could read... read more >
Toulimen, 20-Feb-11 1:50 pm
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