The Reemergence of the Haitian Tea Party: Peasants' Response

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This party will restore Haiti's self-determination rights under the liberal-conservative rich Haitian merchants in Haiti.

1. It will restore our moral values that are in decline with the presence of those foreigners in Haiti.

It will shield Haiti against the importation of foods and medicines from the most imperialistic country on earth.

Sample of all foods and medicines purchased from the international market will be sent in other countries for retesting purposes to avoid Haitians being the New Guinea Pigs of any transnational corporations.

2. It will liberate Haiti from the Foreign Forces under the MINUSTAH's commands.

3. It will bring on board a new Educational Reformed Plan which will put emphasis on Civism, Organic Chemistry, General Knowledge, Creole as a target teaching language and many more.

4. It will restore the Rule of Law through a solid Protection Force to put an end to kidnapping and so on.

5. It will restore Tourism by renovating our beaches and hotels as well as historical monuments.

Labadie will be known as a Haitian territory and not a U.S. territory in Haiti.

Club Med will return as it was under Duvalier.

6. It will restore religious rights and all the churches, temples and peristils will be free to celebrate their faith and their spiritual values with no difference at all.

7. It will restore a Micro-Credit system to restore farming rights in Haiti and it will boost all Haiti's agricultural productions.

8. It will limit the importation of certain foods and water will not be sold in any part of Haiti again.

Water should be free and it is a God given-right to all Human beings.

There will be no sale of water in Haiti as those opportunistic people may have thought of it.

9. It will regulate the market to prevent monopoly and the destruction of Haiti's economy.

10. It will reduce Haiti's administration size to 5% of state employees and the reformed private sector will exist to rehire those laid off employees based on their competency and qualifications.

11. It will create more schools and more private agencies to control both public and private sector jobs in Haiti.

12. It will create a National Identification System backed up by strong laws to punish offenders with double identity.

13. It will levy taxes on products, services and property taxes to strengthen the Haitian market.

14. It will supervise all NGOs in Haiti and it make them accountable to the Haitian people for their services.

15. It will require testing for foreigners who want to visit Haiti and visas will be issued so they can control their circulation in Haiti.

16. All Haitians will have a Health Report Card and healthcare will be available to all.

17. It will regularize the insurance market in Haiti and the Haitian Protection Force will be there to protect wealth and save lives.

19. It will reintegrate the Haitian Diaspora into Haiti's political and economic affairs and Haiti will be their home and not a touristic destination as it used to be over the past 25 years.

20. It will restore the fishing industry and the Haitian cattle so Haitians can feed themselves again.

The Market will be controlled and supervised to prevent social injustices.

That's what the Haitian Peasants' Response is about.

Toulimen, February 20 2011, 2:19 PM

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