T. I understand that you are fighting for the good people of...

Marjorie Middy - February 21 2011, 12:47 PM

I understand that you are fighting for the good people of Haiti.But the fight does not have to be with the same intensity and on all levels.You might burn yourself out too fast, my brother.Although, you may be right on the better nutrient aspect of the Artibonite Rice, people usually gravitate to what is more economical for themselves.

Artibonite Rice deserves some protection, maybe the new government should subsidize it, so that pricing will not be at the expense of the people.

In pure bottled water, there is no sodium or sugar added to it...We don't have to continue buying water, once proper channel has been established for safe and clean water.

Too much advertisement in Haiti usually work inversely...Haitians usually responded unfavorably to the product.

(se pa bon bagay si yap fe reklam pou li..)

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I will never say that the Miami rice tastes better...


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