After michel take the Oath minista need to go.

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The haitian people need to take street call on minista to leave haiti.

Go back wherever they coming from. We do not want them in our home, Haiti its not a war zone, minista in a wrong territory.

Richelle, February 24 2011, 2:58 PM

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Richelle, MINUSTAH will leave when America tells it to. read more >
Rooster, 24-Feb-11 3:06 pm
No no we are the the owner of haiti,not american.we haitian only need caurage to stand for our home believe me if we... read more >
Richelle, 24-Feb-11 3:35 pm
You said it all, I agree with you at 500%. If the United States were a powerful country, it should have fought in Iraq... read more >
Toulimen Legrand, 24-Feb-11 3:47 pm
Those charognards should leave right away because Haiti became a haven paradise for crimes with them.We need to get an... read more >
Toulimen Legrand, 24-Feb-11 4:35 pm


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