Rooster Is Confused About American Culture, Law and Customs

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Rooster, you are a source of confusion for yourself and not for us. Have you ever taken a Real Estate Class?

I am inviting you to register for one. On Real Estate matters, our constitution provides same provision like the United States Constitution and we will not change it. The non-ownership of Haiti's land for foreigners is carried out in all past Haitian Constitutions to the current one and we will not change it; and if they had changed it over the past 25 years, America would already seize Haiti.

In America, immigrants acquire property rights if they purchase a property but they have no landownership rights transferred to them from the sale of their purchased property.

We are carrying same rule and what notion of reciprocity are you arguing here?

Haitian and Americans don't own land in America and in Haiti too. Land rights is vested in the state for both countries and what are you arguing here Rooster?

I am telling you with me and some other bloggers here, we will not let you brainwash any other bloggers on this site. If you are paid to do so, I will ask you to return that money for it will not work. Rooster, I love America but there are many things that I don't like in your country and I don't want others to export them to Haiti.

I am advising Haitians on making good choices for America has good and bad. I want Haitians to stay away from the bad choices so they can reproduce good seeds to save Haiti.

Where in the world a 26 years old white male could rape a 2 years old girl with diaper on her rear end?

In America, so we cannot inherit or export that bad side?

Beware, I am following you closely to every inch of your conversation here and I will not let you confuse my fellow bloggers ok.

Toulimen, February 26 2011, 1:53 PM

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