Lavaud, the American GOD is not the Great Almighty and it is...

Toulimen - February 26 2011, 2:23 PM

Lavaud, the American GOD is not the Great Almighty and it is very far to be close to that Highness level.

The American GOD stands for Greatness and not Almighty, Order and not Obedience and Direction and not for Guidance.

When you say the Great Almighty, please do not associate it with the American word of GOD. When Our Holiness Founding Father named Toussaint Louverture addressed to the Great Almighty, he did not attach the word of LORD or GOD or ALLAH to it. He did say this: In the name of The Great Almighty that we all use in Haitian Creole: Gran Met La! Please do not use GOD with that word, leave it up to the Americans to attach this level of highness to their GOD and not to us. I will repeat the sacred word of my Holy Father: Toussaint Louverty as he pronounced it before he died in that infernal French prison called Fort De Joux. May the Mercy of The Great Almighty please be upon his spirit and himself in the other world.

May the Spirit of The Great Almighty be upon you Lavaud! May that Spirit bless your day. Gran Met La ak ou, kenbe fem tande!


The worst Ignorant!

The worst ignorant is the ONE... that doesn't believe The Great Almighty GOD... exists. Lavaud Hold Desmoulins...

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