The First Haitian Constitution has been located in one of the...

Toulimen - February 26 2011, 3:29 PM

The First Haitian Constitution has been located in one of the New England states in the U.S. which includes Massachussetts, Maine, New Hampshire, Rhodes Island, Connecticut, and Vermont.

Precisely, it was found at Boston State University in Massachussets.

It will be repatriated in Haiti per the new Haitian government's request.

We cannot change our Constitution to please Americans at all as you said. The doctrine of reciprocty as advocated by AbleRooster cannot be upheld in Haitian Real Estate Matters due to the facts we have same laws. Foreigners own property rights in the United States and not land ownership rights.

The property is yours and you are the owner of it, but for the land it does belong to the state where one does reside in America and it is the same in Haiti.

Why should we change ours?

Would they change theirs?

Absolutely, no! We have same law and same rule and I don't understand Rooster's last argumentation at all.

Americans had lobbied the Haitian Congress over the past 25 years to get that clause amended into the Haitian Constitution and we have told them to do the same in their Constitution based on the doctrine of reciprocity law, they disagree and we disagree also with them and case close.

What Rooster is arguing here on this site?

Do you understand his argumentations?

He seems to be confused or doesn't understand the American laws at all. Good Job and take care, Toulimen Legrand!

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