Good Job Richelle, MINUSTAH and The CHAROGNARDS NGOs are in...

Toulimen - February 26 2011, 3:45 PM

Good Job Richelle, MINUSTAH and The CHAROGNARDS NGOs are in Haiti per the Conservative Elites of Haiti.

The Republican Elites of Haiti will always call those outside dogs to invade Haiti.

They never work a framework to solve their own Haitian problems and they keep making mistakes over and over. The Seven Richest families in Haiti are the ones to blame for Haiti's poverty, legacies of Coup D'Etats, kidnapping, political assassinations and corruption to name a few. If they cannot change their attitude, we should get them expelled from the country like Gaddhafi in Lybia.

They are the first charognards before the Americans and the NGOs.

They are the ones imposing poverty and slavery on us. We should get them out of Haiti if they cannot solve the problems they have created on their own. It is unacceptable that 95% of the Haitian wealth to be concentrated in the hands of only seven richest Haitian families.

The government does not have money where each of those families owns 100 castles and villas all around the world.

In Montagne Noire, Peguyville and TiRocher as known Little Rock, people are driving cars that cost over 1 million to two million dollars.

These three towns are unknown to all Haitians and no middle class Haitian and even the Haitian president has the right to visit any of those towns if not invited.

We should find a way to bring the last Haitian Economic Revolution to these three towns and make them discovered and known to all Haitians in the days ahead.

Good Job and I commend you in your analysis of Haiti's poverty and rule of law!

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Haitian people should take the streets against the Haitian Bourgeois like the Arab people are doing against the rich...

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