No one owns land in the U.S.,you have your ownership interest...

Toulimen - February 26 2011, 8:02 PM

No one owns land in the U.S.,you have your ownership interest vested in the property you bought not in the land. This is a legal fiction here and you will never understand this concept unless you study real estate laws and property rights in the United States.

You need to do this research on that I am clear on what I am saying as a Real Estate Broker myself and Criminologist person in the United States.

You think that you know the United States laws than myself, it will take 10 persons your age to fight with me and you will not win. When you don't have knowledge on something, it is better to remain silent instead of voicing wrong opinions ok.

All U.S. lands belong to the U.S. Federal Government and all the 50 states.

The state can seize your land if they want to expand on a highway or anything else under the Eminent Domain Doctrine.

Simply they compensate you for the economic loss incured to you. You cannot dig without permission; however, you can do legal use of your land. Haiti has the same law with the United States on Real Estate matters, and both countries convey fictious land ownership title to anyone who purchased a property on a land. If people had ownership interest vested in their land the Eminent Domain Law would not be applied when any U.S. states wants to expand on highways, bridges, tunnels, dams, reservoirs and bridges to name a few.

We would not change our real estate laws to please anyone and the notion of reciprocity as argued by Rooster is always vested in both countries' real estate laws. I may type the word commend wrongly by mistake because I am typing from the internet, but you cannot know better the English language than myself on an academic standpoint.

You have time to correct words but I have time myself to defend my people from any predators that want to hurt them. I will not let you brainwash anyone here ok.

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