Mirelande Manigat Has Done Anything To Help Haitians In The Past 25 Years

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For those who keep arguing that Michel Martelly is not an educated Haitian, I am advising them to think and think again.

Michel Martelly is a well educated Haitian for graduating from very good institutions in Haiti and in America such as St-Louis De Gonzague, Red Rocks Community College in Lakewood in Colorado and University of Colorado.

Michel has received his college bachelor degree in sociology from UC and he has graduated with honor.

As a sociopolitical activist, he is a well known singer and he has imitated the Scotishh and Burlesque Style Kilt while singing which people believe to be close to the Haitian Folklore.

With Sophia his wife, Michel Martelly led the Foundation of Rose Et Blanc to help the disenfranchised people in Haiti since 1997. He uses his own family funds and funds collected from overseas donations to help those unfortunate ones in Haiti.

He was against the disbanded army because he believed that would lead Haiti to chaos and we all today know that he was right when he was fighting against the army dismantlement.

Now, this void gives us a Haiti filled with kidnappers and political assassinations and Haiti became the Crime Paradise and Drugs' Country in the region.

Haiti is a threat for all other countries with its streets fills with stinky garbages and so on. Micky did not want to bring Haiti to this point, he had fought to restructure the Haitian Army and leave it for the protection of businesses and the Haitian people.

What did Mirelande do to help Haitians in the past 20 years while being candidate in all those past elections?

Nothing and what would she do if she became president?


She is ready to accept this position at any price and she cannot even denounce the current regime that puts us in so much mess. Michel was an entertainer and he did what was right to entertain his uneducated public.

Now, Michel Martelly as a political candidate is another person and cannot be defined by his past entertainment performances.

Should he regret from performing in a Burlesque way in the past 22 years?

Absolutely not. Rather the music performances had given him the opportunity to meet the Haitian people face to face and now this communion between him and his people that's what should matter.

The way he has helped and continue to help the disenfranchised people in the past 4 years has valued him a great reputation.

He has managed this foundation well as president and this has given him some management skills along with his musical careers; as such, he has the leadership skills to lead Haiti in the days ahead for it takes a strong person like Micky to help Haiti rebuild.

I am calling on you to join him in the fight as a 50 years old youth person to lead Haiti in the days ahead.

Grandma would disappoint you because she was not a fighter.

Please call your loved ones and tell them to vote Micky on the first two hours of the voting process.

He will be president and he will be the second youngest president after Jean-Claude in Haiti.

Toulimen, February 27 2011, 1:18 PM

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Mathieu Chacha, 12-Mar-11 11:37 am


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