We should seek some protection against tyrany within the BRIC...

Toulimen Legrand - March 1 2011, 7:37 PM

We should seek some protection against tyrany within the BRIC countries including Brazil, Russia, Iran and Canada.

Haiti should form an alliance with those countries to extract its oil and stop purchasing oil from the United States.

We should end the Protectorate to reduce that dependency toward the U.S. For instance, whenever the time Haiti refuses to obey by U.S. standards, they strike against its citizens through biowarfare (war with diseases) and the cholera is a perfect example of that. The CDC and the Red Cross are the most feared institutions that any Haitian leader needs to pay close attention in order not to be the next victim.

They are the Voodoo branches of evilness like Petro and Congo loas. They are the viruses' distributors.

Haiti needs to define its top priorities and watch all CIA's moves in Haiti.

They will kill the Haitian Diaspora if the Haitian government does not provide protection to any Haitians who decide to retun to Haiti to help. Once the Haitian Diaspora return, the U.S. will strike them with diseases so they can be back to their forced exile host country.

We need to denounce any social injustices that can be done against us if we decide to return.

We, from the Diaspora once resettled in Haiti should corner the CIA agents in Haiti to prevent them from hurting us. They are church missionary members such as Mormoni Jews, protestant pastors trained in the U.S. to spy on Haitian activities, CDC members, Red Cross Technicians and all foreigners in the NGOs. They should be watched closely; if not, they will hurt us and we will be back to their countries of origin if we are lucky enough.

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You read the Brazil news and you will find out that...


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