Toulimen, Let us not approach this plague that is destroying...

Tiba - March 2 2011, 6:17 AM


Let us not approach this plague that is destroying the children and the vulnerables in Haiti as a first or a phenomenal case. This is a normal occurence the Haitian families have been experiencing day in and day out at the hands of these proests, pasteurs, and government officials in Haiti for a very longtime.

Many priests in Haiti do have children with many women.

Many of them even live with their girlfriends and the same goes for a great percentage of pastors/ministers who are even married.

I spoke and denounced this horrible practice many times on this blog but no one was listening.

We are all accomplicing in this terrible practice on women and children of Haiti because nobody really care.

The dominance of the so-called missionary organizations in Haiti is the biggest accomplice of this sexual horror being perpetrated on these Haitian girls and women in Haiti.

These organizations are supporting these priests, pastors, and government officials finnacially and with other means while they keep their eyes closed on this issue.

They don't care about human dignity, integrity, and protection for these girls and women in Haiti.

All these so-called missionaries care only about saving a soul and if Haitian girls and women have to get victimized by all of these monster they are supporting, so be it. To them, it's a small price to pay for a soul.

How could they go to the government for protection when the government is a big part of the problem, one of the perpetrators?

I think the Haitian family should take this matter in their own 2 hands and treat it in a dramatic way, whi is to chap off the pines of every man cut raping a girl or a woman.

After a few of them are without their pinesses, the rest would think twice before their next rape.

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