Have you forgotten that we are experiencing over 12% of...

Rose L - March 2 2011, 8:50 PM

Have you forgotten that we are experiencing over 12% of unemployment and we are in a very economic slump right now. You need to read the woes of the economic pulse of America.

Please let us not follow a system blindly when we do not understand the foundation of that system.

It is a fact that 1% of the population owns 90% of the wealth of the country.

Wonderful capitalistic system.

I go to the foundation of a system to figure out whether it works or not. I just don't accept word of mouth.

America lives on borrowed money, paper and not real assets.

China owns the majority of American wealth.

Have you not heard.

We defer our debt all the time and soon it will come to light where the government will defer on its debt and the real truth will surface.

Everytime we have to print money it is because the money is being suspended above amongst the wealthy and not trickling to the bottom.

Well, I guess you don't know about the jobs that are being exported to China and India to increase the bottom line. There is no such thing as the poor here is rich. The poor works to keep the big corporations richer.

By the time they finish paying their bills they have nothing left in their pockets to smile about.

You are speaking to a working class person who knows about minimum wage and salaries and contracts.

Precisely what they are to turn Haiti into. The globalist are eyeing Haiti because of the amount of untapped deposits that lay in the ground.

They will convince you that they are bringing jobs to the country and pay the people scraps, I cannot even think of pennies on the dollars, less than pennies on the dollar and amass the kind of wealth that you guys have unheard of. We would like to think of a more socialist government that will provide for people across the board.

A progressive economic systems that will create jobs and allow people to move up to the next level on the eocnomic scale, not one that keeps one group in perpetual poverty and another wealthy beyond words.

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