Toulimen "L" you are a mess, as is Toulimen. If you "2" could...

Rooster - March 3 2011, 4:59 PM

Toulimen "L" you are a mess, as is Toulimen.

If you "2" could stop the crazy conspiracy theories and operate on a more fundamentally sound base, you would have more fans. I like reading your posts, because it entertains me. GET SERIOUS, and STOP RANTING about how evil America is! You talk about terrible aspects (and I agree there are many) of America that pollute Haiti, but you fail to mention that the WORST of America is better than the BEST of Haiti.

Toulimen(s), You need to stop biting the very hand that feeds you both. Stop your crazy voodoo inspired rants against anything unHaitian and concentrate on joining the modern world.

You are pitifully behind true facts in your current rants.

America should occupy.


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